Did I forget about something?

April 2013

This is probably the final design of top and bottom panels of my groundstation. And this is the first ever CAD design I created, heh.

One funny thing: when I was searching for a victim that would cut the front panels for me, I found a rc-model hobby shop which offered a CNC service (yay!), but apparently only accepted .CDR (Corel Draw) files. They claimed they couldn’t open DXFs. WAT! That’s where I started to doubt that they were professionals. ;-)



  1. They’re made of plastic used for nameplates. Very wobby, not good at all. I had to use aluminium spars underneath to make them more rigid. Only good part is that the text can be cut out, too (the plastic is actually two layer with different colors).

  2. You used a 2 ply lamacoid correct? I believe you can get different thicknesses to help with rigidity.

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